“I have attended Sarah’s yoga classes since my baby was 6 weeks old. Sarah is an amazing person and yoga instructor who made me feel comfortable the very first day. Over the months I have made great friends while becoming mentally, physically and spiritually fit while going to class. Finding Sarah’s yoga class has been a blessing to me and a wonderful way to bond with my baby while hanging out with friends.” -Jessica M.
“We always look forward to Sarah’s classes. She is amazing at combining professionalism with fun for everyone. I started baby and me yoga when my little one was five months old. Now a year later, she can demonstrate different yoga poses and sings the songs she would hear us sing. I’d recommend all of Sarah’s classes to anyone from beginners to the seasoned.  Her welcoming spirit will keep you coming back.” -Shayla J.
“I began practicing yoga with Sarah when I was 8 weeks pregnant. Her prenatal class helped me so much throughout my pregnancy- with hip/back pain but also to connect with my baby and believe in my own intuition. My son is 10 months old now and we started practicing Baby and Me yoga when he was just 4 weeks old.  Sarah’s classes are fun and creative while still being challenging. Having a community of mamas and babies has been so important for my first year of motherhood. Sarah and her family are warm, loving, accepting beautiful spirits.” -Brianna C