OMwork Videos

**We are excited to announce that we do have a yoga class to help gain energy and one to help us relax and release stress available now online!!Only 5 dollars per video (unlimited access via streaming). Please contact me if you would like to purchase these videos at 727-735-2063 or**


Prenatal Sequence

Baby and Me Yoga Intro

Short Meditation

Yoga for Energy

Yoga for Relaxation and Stress Release

Longer Baby Wearing Yoga Series

Shorter Baby Wearing Yoga Series

Babywearing Yoga, Quick Workout

Our star student’ video

Ellie’s version of yoga!

AFFORDABLE YOGA VIDEOS! For just $5 per video you can have access to these sequences to do on your own time!  Contact me to get started.

Prenatal Sequence

Baby and Me Yoga Sequence

Baby and Me Yoga for Strength

Yoga for Relaxation